Summer Homestead (2008)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A site-specific installation on Governors Island by Laura Chipley, Francisca Caporali and Pilar Ortiz (The Urban Homesteading Project)

Summer Homestead was a transformative living structure designed to provide multi-sensory experiences through interaction with natural and synthetic elements.
Over nine weeks, a wooden structure was gradually insulated with salvaged plastic bottles, re-purposed as receptacles for organic life. Within each bottle, living plants are cultivated in either soil or water. Each species of plant was selected for its fragrant, edible or shade-giving qualities.
Viewers were invited to donate plastic bottles and participate in the planting process. As more bottles were incorporated, Summer Homestead took shape as a collaboratively built public space. At the exhibition's end the plants were disbursed among the viewers.

Summer Homestead was exhibited as part of Emergence: Creative Pioneers in an Uncharted Territory.